‘Dear me,…’

The performance ‘Dear me,…’ is one of my researches about creating an intimate space. The audience sees a dark purple 7 meter skirt lying on the floor, without knowing who or what is underneath it. An abstract sculpture is forming itself underneath the fabric. A moment later it collapses. A new picture appears, but again, it falls apart. You see a demon, a ghost, a mermaid, but everything is continuously falling apart. Is it a metamorphosis or a fight for freedom? I’m playing with hiding and showing body parts, as well as with constructing and deconstructing frightening and beautiful images. Through this combination I’m offering a room for the viewer that floats between seeing and imagination. As the performance progresses the atmosphere becomes more and more intimate.

Costume : Judith Reindl

alt=“Dear me' Foto by Adam Broomberg"

Photo by Adam Broomberg 

Thanks to Ruben Reniers